This one’s on me. I’m happy to share my latest article for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. For this assignment, I spent an afternoon being led to and fed in lesser known/much loved restaurants around Addis Ababa (one of which had one of the best ceiling art I’d ever seen, see below), all in … More Went/Saw/Ate/Wrote

Food for Heart

Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach clearly wasn’t thinking about accessing my little ticker. Long after my past fellas themselves exited the picture and my long-term memory, there always remains a special place in my stomach for one dish from our history of meals, one recipe that becomes a permanent … More Food for Heart

Your Tray Is Showing!

There’s a saying when it comes to Ethiopian food served in the traditional communal way: the tray should never show. The whole tray (or dish) should be covered by injera. When the tray starts to show, as it inevitably will when people begin eating, more injera should be added to cover the exposed part. In reality, … More Your Tray Is Showing!

And Junior Makes…?

The first question I wanted to ask him was Are you trying to kill yourself? People have been known to use the Toronto subway system to exit their system. It’s never broadcast in the media, of course, but you know that’s what’s happened when they announce a delay due to an “incident” on the tracks. … More And Junior Makes…?


When my soon-to-be landlords told me that there was going to be an Ethiopian lady moving in downstairs in a month, they said it like it was a good thing. I wasn’t exactly thrilled, to say the least. I kind of hoped it wouldn’t happen. I even considered not taking the place, even though it was … More Whiffed

The Big One

Few more hours and I head the way the raven flies (or was it the crow?), West, anyway. Time for the least explored destination of all: home! Time for the obstacle course known as Ethiopia. For some reason, nowhere else petrifies me as much as there. At the same time, there are few places I … More The Big One

Rice Cooker Coffee

On a day like today, when the gas has run out but I still manage to make coffee in a rice cooker, I think, hey I’m a pretty adaptable gal. But appearances can be deceiving. The reason I resorted to a rice cooker is because I can’t be bothered to follow up with the person … More Rice Cooker Coffee

Mystery Food

A friend of mine ordered some fresh juice off a tempting full-color menu trapped under the plastic covering of our restaurant table. It arrived as all juice should: tall glass, twirly straw…steaming hot and tasting like dust would if you blended it in water with purple food coloring and set it to simmer. Ordering food is … More Mystery Food