This one’s on me. I’m happy to share my latest article for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. For this assignment, I spent an afternoon being led to and fed in lesser known/much loved restaurants around Addis Ababa (one of which had one of the best ceiling art I’d ever seen, see below), all in … More Went/Saw/Ate/Wrote

Burger Irony

The irony of this article (p.64-65), which I wrote for Selamta magazine, getting published in the middle of Abiy tsom season is not lost on me. Who said the Man Upstairs doesn’t have a sense of humour? I guess I’ll just consider it as something to hold me over until April 12. Having grown up with a steady … More Burger Irony

Follow the Smile

I was too young to know that every country had one of those – airlines, that is, and the pretty ladies that went along with them, not to mention the dashing pilots. I was too young to even know that there were such things as other countries. There was Ethiopia, that was that. That was the world. … More Follow the Smile

Books & Bombs

All I had to do was summarize a nearly 10 year creative and personal journey into ten minutes…I remembered to breathe, feel my feet on the ground and more or less the rest of my body above, and most of all to focus on what was going on at present, not what I would have to do minutes from now. … More Books & Bombs

Prompts: August 2017

More Notes from the Canadian honey jar… #43: August 1, 2017 IDEA for setting: an Ethio soccer game week! (genesis of the story) The street busker, black contortionist in neon green leopard print bodysuit, who could fit himself into a box. Maybe I could use that…? Seems ripe for metaphor-izing. The giant statue of ‘American Gothic’. … More Prompts: August 2017