I think it’s working…

What better time to revive a blog that got started because of my travels than during the longest period of my life when I have not travelled anywhere? (16 monz and counting.)

Yeah re-reading that sentence a few times might be necessary because if this thing is going to continue one of my conditions is that short of obnoxiously bad mistakes I am NOT editing!

Run on sentences are also par for the course.

Speaking of running…meh that’s a long topic for future posts. In short: started it last June, and many many owie’s as hallelujahs later, it seems to be sticking. My passwords for associated accounts is (a version) Defar-Bikila, naturally.

Clearly social media has ruined me for paragraphs longer than a sentence. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? How many sentences would you prefer my paragraphs to be? I’ll try to meet specifications but will not meet any requests for emojis 🙅🏾‍♀️(ok last one 😆 argh damnit!)

I ought to be more serious. Address serious matters. The many ways shit promises to hit and is hitting the fan though nobody is cold for stink. On a whim (much like how I’m jumpstarting this thing using the cables from a mild case of social media allergy), I searched “Ethiopian blogger” and the hits that came up were either about travel blogs (by non-ETs) or press “discouragement” in ET. That’s what DuckDuckGo turned up anyway. Google turns up…(hold a sec) more of same. Zone 9 & related, food & related, fashion & related, travel & related.

My niche is still available then. Greaat.

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