HypheNation: A Diaspora Life


I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of my own voice. I think this puts me among the minority. Oh well, I’m already deep in that category so what’s one more qualification? And when my voice comes wrapped up in a podcast, even better! And when said podcast is a collaboration between my fellow blogger & cousin Serksalem and myself, and is about the many joys and challenges of diaspora habesha life, double better! I am happy to announce this newest podcast on the block: HypheNation: A Diaspora Life!

We came across the New Yorker cartoon below while we were in the very lengthy and ultra relaxed process of creating this podcast. I like to think that with the launch of HypeNation, we are stopping the lack of podcasts that explore matters that matter to the global habesha diaspora.

So subscribe on iTunes and enjoy the listen, or go to our podcast website to listen to new episodes, and stay tuned for more. But not too tuned! Serksalem and I have lives after all (our Instagrams say so), so new episodes will be appearing…sporadically! (Hey it’s not “uff typical habesha” if we gave you fair warning!)

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