Ever get the sense that the incense is avoiding you? You put it on your left, it wafts to the right. You put it on your right, it wafts to the left. You put it below you, it wafts around you. You put it behind you, it vaults way over you like it’s trying to … More Scentsations

Gardenia 2.0

We’re going to try again, gardenia 2.0 and I. By “we” of course I mean “I”, since gardenia 1.0, the original small tree that came up to my waist, a lovely housewarming present from a lovely person, is no longer on the premises. I like to think gardenia 1.0 went to a better place, after … More Gardenia 2.0

The Animal Touch

Within an instructional context, and not directed at me personally, I recently heard the question “When was the last time you touched a monkey?” Once I finished choking on my drink, I realized that in all my life, I have never touched a monkey. Seen plenty of them. In Ethiopia, in southeast Asia, but never … More The Animal Touch