Happy SSDD

So, tomorrow is January 7 and if you know that it’s supposed to be Christmas and you’ve already got the doro wot simmering on the stove, then yaaay good for you, but if you’re so lapsed that tomorrow is going to be just another Same Shit Different Day kinda day for you, then this little thing I … More Happy SSDD

Christmas Confession

During a very specific window of time after I joined the Western World, I believed in Santa Claus. One hundred percent. This window happened to fall between October 1992 and January 1993. The natural thing to do, then, was to write him a letter. Sorry, write Him a letter. Make no mistake, I had always … More Christmas Confession

Catching Spirit

So here I am with my birthday suit on under my store-bought outfit, having spent the better part of the day wearing just the former and contemplating how, when I was little, my parents had a house, a car, two children, jobs in offices with other people and even some honorary pets that cruised in … More Catching Spirit

Eating Alone

Long long ago, as mortals have done since The Fall, so did Mary the mother of Jesus. She died. Sources better informed than I ( = sources informed) tell me that the filseta fast that I currently find myself a little over halfway through has been held every year since then-ish by Orthodox Christians in … More Eating Alone