The Hype

The trouble with travel is, there’s always a there after the there. I even started a little poem about it. It went something like this … I don’t mean to repeat myself but the trouble with travel is, assuming you’re a pessimist, you find everyone you thought you left back West. All the places you … More The Hype

Canada Special

Traveling with a first generation Irish/Scottish-Canadian friend last month, we would always get asked the usual question by people we meet. “Where are you from?” As usual, I hesitate. In that sliver of time she beats me to the answer: “Canada.” The questioners nod to her, turn to me to hear my answer. Nothing forthcoming. … More Canada Special

Middle Ground

After a year’s almost nonstop assault of Wenzhou-nese scowls and stone-cold stares, one would think that the effortlessly bright faces and smiles of the Laotians would be a relief. And, for a time, it was. The difference in the two personalities was clear from the moment we hopped off the bus in Nam Tha. Well, … More Middle Ground

Good Price?

Roundtrip airfare to from Wenzhou to Bali costs just under one grand. (Especially if you didn’t miss your initial flight out because you thought 01:00am Tuesday meant super late Tuesday night, as opposed to super early Tuesday morning. So let’s pretend, for the sake of saving face, that I do know how to read a ticket … More Good Price?