Follow the Smile

I was too young to know that every country had one of those – airlines, that is, and the pretty ladies that went along with them, not to mention the dashing pilots. I was too young to even know that there were such things as other countries. There was Ethiopia, that was that. That was the world. … More Follow the Smile


This one’s on me. I’m happy to share my latest article for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. For this assignment, I spent an afternoon being led to and fed in lesser known/much loved restaurants around Addis Ababa (one of which had one of the best ceiling art I’d ever seen, see below), all in … More Went/Saw/Ate/Wrote

Burger Irony

The irony of this article (p.64-65), which I wrote for Selamta magazine, getting published in the middle of Abiy tsom season is not lost on me. Who said the Man Upstairs doesn’t have a sense of humour? I guess I’ll just consider it as something to hold me over until April 12. Having grown up with a steady … More Burger Irony

GRAND Schemes

I once heard someone say, “Cemeteries are the richest places on earth because most people take their great ideas to the grave.” It’s a bit of a forced analogy, to be sure, but it stuck with me. So much so that I tweeted it; now that’s saying something. Anyhoo, as I inch closer to my … More GRAND Schemes

Christmas Confession

During a very specific window of time after I joined the Western World, I believed in Santa Claus. One hundred percent. This window happened to fall between October 1992 and January 1993. The natural thing to do, then, was to write him a letter. Sorry, write Him a letter. Make no mistake, I had always … More Christmas Confession

Coffee Stopover

 Something about coffee. A must.  A delicious authentic cupful while waiting for yet another takeoff,  feeling  especially exposed in the surplus  personal space of a cabin now  even  emptier save for you, a devout African Muslim and one green-clad  airline  employee hitching a ride, triggers a wave of emotions.  The rush of vitality such a … More Coffee Stopover