NoBloPoMo Day 1

November 1st starts off National Blog Posting Month. My objective: write a daily post based on the new writing prompts that go up on The Daily Post every weekday at 11am. As for the weekends, I guess I’ll just have to come up with my own randomness. It being November 2 today, I’m already late … More NoBloPoMo Day 1

Tourist Me

Most of the time, I belong to the category of people who, when they are visiting a place as a tourist, do everything in their power to not appear to be a tourist.  That includes not walking around with a camera dangling from my neck or wrist, not taking snapshots of every damn thing with … More Tourist Me

Chinese Crossovers

One of the ways to get to Mainland China from Hong Kong is by bus. When you exit Hong Kong and pass through customs at the border bus depot, you file into the line marked “Visitors”. A short bus ride later, when you cross over into China through Shenzhen, you file into the line marked … More Chinese Crossovers

On Cloud Nine

When you’re the only habesha person – a young shabbily dressed female at that – in the Business Class section of an Addis – Hong Kong flight, you’ve got some explainin’ to do. You can’t blame the airline employee who herded all the ET 608 passengers – VIP and RP alike – en masse to … More On Cloud Nine