One Night in Wenzhou

  A Botswana, a Chinese, an Ethiopian, two Indians, a South African and a Zimbabwean walk into a bar. Technically, a nightclub, POP – Wenzhou hotspot. Its’ lights spill out onto Oujiang Road and lend much needed sparkle to the muddy, dirty Ou River, which would be better renamed the “Ew” river. As with the … More One Night in Wenzhou


Anyone knows better than to provoke a bride on her wedding day, and anyone knows better than to take an unauthorized picture of her. Unless you are the hired photographer, family or an invited guest, you know better. But if you are an Arab or White guest of the Addis Ababa Sheraton – one of  … More Photonappers.

Look: Diaspora!

Somehow the staring is more tolerable when it is directed at you after you return from a place where everyone may not have thought like you but certainly looked like you, and where the stares were of a knowing nature, rather than blank and expressionless. The silliness, absurdity, even the pathetic nature of it becomes … More Look: Diaspora!