Tourist Me

Most of the time, I belong to the category of people who, when they are visiting a place as a tourist, do everything in their power to not appear to be a tourist.  That includes not walking around with a camera dangling from my neck or wrist, not taking snapshots of every damn thing with … More Tourist Me

Monkey’s Secret

As with all good things, so also did my supply of Western deodorant come to an end seven months after I arrived here with a small drugstore’s worth of Secret Invisible Baby Powder zip locked in the toiletries compartment of my suitcase. So, brimming with the usual joy of going in search for one more … More Monkey’s Secret

Mystery Food

A friend of mine ordered some fresh juice off a tempting full-color menu trapped under the plastic covering of our restaurant table. It arrived as all juice should: tall glass, twirly straw…steaming hot and tasting like dust would if you blended it in water with purple food coloring and set it to simmer. Ordering food is … More Mystery Food

For Monday Mornings: Why The Way There Is Better Than The There

Five days a week, traveling on the 41, 71 or 108, I find myself dreading what’s at the other end of my trip (work) and wishing that the bus ride would last just a little longer, but of course it never does. Extra stops don’t materialize. Road doesn’t magically elongate itself. Never any decent traffic … More For Monday Mornings: Why The Way There Is Better Than The There

Hold Me Music

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Amen. From among the perks of living in an English-friendly environment, I already knew that I missed opening letter mail, for example. You know, the routine bills, advertisements, tax returns, surveys and whatnot. I’m not even blessed with junk mail here. But it wasn’t until I had to call … More Hold Me Music