Wednesday in the life of…

As I enter the final third of my life here after the ushering in of the Year of the Dragon, I thought it would be a good idea to sprinkle this here blog with a little bit about what on earth I’m doing here in the first place.

Wednesdays are my Mondays, the beginning of the work week. Since I don’t actually start until 7pm and am finished by 8:30pm, you would think that “work” is an inappropriately generous term to use. Think again, because for 90 minutes this is the slice of the English language that I have to convey to bright-eyed and surprisingly energetic (considering they’ve been at school all day) Chinese seven and eight year-olds.

A: “Hi, (Scott). How are you?”

B: “Fine, thank you.” (or, “I’m fine. Thank you.)

A: “Good-bye, Scott.”

B: “See you later.” (or, “See you later, alligator!”)

…Ninety minutes.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday in the life of…

  1. “Bright-eyed” and “suprisingly energetic” are a long distance from the truth, don’t you agree? They are ginormous understatements, actually!


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