Some Paper Money

Every month or so at school, we do something called an English Carnival. Parents sign up their kids for an afternoon of language based games with foreign teachers. The kids have little cards with a list of the games and they are herded from room to room to play. Each time they finish a game … More Some Paper Money

Dre Moment

Three days off from work and two of them have been successfully ruined by outings that turned out to be nightmares. When will I learn? Day one was all right. It was a trip to Nanxi River. After asking around and haggling (by which I mean that I stepped aside and waited while the more … More Dre Moment

This Way

I can do it but I prefer to point. It doesn’t take nine months to learn how to open your mouth and say “I want this one.” or “I want that one.” or “How much is it?” or “It’s to go.” or “Turn left.” or “Turn right.” or to count to ten, for that matter. … More This Way

All Springy

These days the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees are blooming and last night a mosquito came at me for the first time in ages. (Forgot about those things. Word is that the comeback of the pinkie-sized cockroaches is next.) I walk down the street and want to knock off my knee-high … More All Springy

Rice Cooker Coffee

On a day like today, when the gas has run out but I still manage to make coffee in a rice cooker, I think, hey I’m a pretty adaptable gal. But appearances can be deceiving. The reason I resorted to a rice cooker is because I can’t be bothered to follow up with the person … More Rice Cooker Coffee

Thursday in the life of…

Continuing on the series about the happy facts of my day-to-day here… While my Wednesday night sweethearts are probing the mysteries of “What’s this?” (for single nearby object) “What’s that?”   (for single faraway object) “What are these?” (for plural… have you caught on yet?) and “What are those?”  my Thursday night budding terrorists will be mangling the following: Play … More Thursday in the life of…

Monkey’s Secret

As with all good things, so also did my supply of Western deodorant come to an end seven months after I arrived here with a small drugstore’s worth of Secret Invisible Baby Powder zip locked in the toiletries compartment of my suitcase. So, brimming with the usual joy of going in search for one more … More Monkey’s Secret