Thursday in the life of…

Continuing on the series about the happy facts of my day-to-day here…

While my Wednesday night sweethearts are probing the mysteries of “What’s this?” (for single nearby object) “What’s that?”   (for single faraway object) “What are these?” (for plural… have you caught on yet?) and “What are those?”  my Thursday night budding terrorists will be mangling the following:

Play with a yo-yo. Can you play with a yo-yo? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Throw a ball. Can you throw a ball? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Catch a ball. Can you catch a ball? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Hit a ball. Can you hit a ball? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Do a puzzle. Can you do a puzzle? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Jump rope. Can you jump rope? Yes I can! No I cannot!

Needless to say, there will be a lot of yo-yo playing, ball throwing and hitting and catching (hopefully in that order), puzzle do-ing, and rope jumping, all between fits of unprovoked dropping on the floor and rolling around screaming for no apparent reason, at least not one that would be obvious to anyone above the age of 7.

Speaking of no apparent reasons:

What’s that? I don’t know!

But for some bizzare reason the locksmith who came around this morning (we finally decided to change the locks after hearing one too many burglary stories) thought I would understand what he was saying if he wrote it down for me, since I couldn’t understand him when he was speaking to me. This is  not the first time this has happened. The Chinese have a tendency to write down, in Chinese, what they’re trying to tell you when they perceive that you don’t understand…Chinese.

I mean, really???

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