Just want to send a shoutout to the peaceloving mosquitoes of Awassa. Sorry I went into a manic frenzy and killed half a dozen of you within minutes of arriving. I shoulda known something was different about you when you just waited around for me to squish the life out of your soft bodies instead … More Oops!

The Big One

Few more hours and I head the way the raven flies (or was it the crow?), West, anyway. Time for the least explored destination of all: home! Time for the obstacle course known as Ethiopia. For some reason, nowhere else petrifies me as much as there. At the same time, there are few places I … More The Big One

The Hype

The trouble with travel is, there’s always a there after the there. I even started a little poem about it. It went something like this … I don’t mean to repeat myself but the trouble with travel is, assuming you’re a pessimist, you find everyone you thought you left back West. All the places you … More The Hype

Coffee Stopover

 Something about coffee. A must.  A delicious authentic cupful while waiting for yet another takeoff,  feeling  especially exposed in the surplus  personal space of a cabin now  even  emptier save for you, a devout African Muslim and one green-clad  airline  employee hitching a ride, triggers a wave of emotions.  The rush of vitality such a … More Coffee Stopover

On Cloud Nine

When you’re the only habesha person – a young shabbily dressed female at that – in the Business Class section of an Addis – Hong Kong flight, you’ve got some explainin’ to do. You can’t blame the airline employee who herded all the ET 608 passengers – VIP and RP alike – en masse to … More On Cloud Nine