Eating Alone

Long long ago, as mortals have done since The Fall, so did Mary the mother of Jesus. She died. Sources better informed than I ( = sources informed) tell me that the filseta fast that I currently find myself a little over halfway through has been held every year since … Continue Reading Eating Alone

The Big One

Few more hours and I head the way the raven flies (or was it the crow?), West, anyway. Time for the least explored destination of all: home! Time for the obstacle course known as Ethiopia. For some reason, nowhere else petrifies me as much as there. At the same time, … Continue Reading The Big One

The Hype

The trouble with travel is, there’s always a there after the there. I even started a little poem about it. It went something like this … I don’t mean to repeat myself but the trouble with travel is, assuming you’re a pessimist, you find everyone you thought you left back … Continue Reading The Hype