NaBloPoMo Day 2

Write a letter to your 14-year old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Dear 14 year old Rebka,

You don’t realize it now, but you have just gotten plunged into a world that is so much more than the R.Kelly and SWV and Beavis and Butthead that you’re so obsessed with at the moment. Though I don’t blame you or the Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmiths. Some things will always be classics, ya know. That’s what makes them, well, classics. Speaking of American things, yeah you may be in an American school but you definitely do not have to fit in with American kids. In fact, ask about getting a transfer to Vienna International School while you still have a chance, it will be an experience like no other.

Speaking of, do learn the German language would you please? Like, actually make an effort at fluency. It will be more valuable than you can imagine. Besides, you can never know too many languages. And speaking of things foreign, go ahead and ask that boy out. Maybe you’ll end up in Thailand with him when his family moves back home one day, who knows?

Don’t, I beg you, get bangs. Your hair was not meant to flop down like a white girl’s. It is programmed to stick straight up like a scarecrow’s.

Also, for the love if god, be kind to, and more patient with, your mom. She’s going through things you won’t even begin to understand for at least another decade.

Same goes for that play you’re auditioning for. You will get the part, and the experience will be a high, but it will send you barking up the wrong tree for the next decade plus. There are no parts in the real world for black girls that don’t involve giving up a good chunk of your dignity, period.

As you have probably concluded, heeding my advice will save you from a decade or more of foggy meandering and nasty hangovers.

On the other hand, good on you for the occasional bits of writing for school posters and letters to imaginary boyfriends and such. It’s a good start and if I were you, which I am, I’d keep it up, which I didn’t.

Also, tell your brother, once and for all, to stay the fuck out of your space if he can’t treat it, and you, with respect. Believe me, he’s not as scary as he seems.

Keep close those who are kind to you, because they are genuine and keepers for life, and don’t be afraid to permanently cut off the rest – the hypocrites and such.

Also this is as pretty and as thin as you’re ever gonna be so enjoy it!

Above all, never forget that family is everything.

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