NaBloPoMo Day 5

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

Photo 1

There she sits at a work desk. Laptop open on Word document, blank screen. Fingers poised over keyboard. Gazing out windows opposite, curtains drawn to either side. Spots of grime on windows. To her right: loose pile of handwritten notes. The first titled outline. To her left, iPhone. Lock screen: ocean waves, 10:00, Tuesday November 6, 2011. Behind her, in center of room: large rug under coffee table. On it: vase holding red roses surrounded by white ones. On lower shelf: assortment of magazines. Against facing wall: love seat, four pillows, pair of throws tossed about.

Photo 2

There she sits at the work desk. Sofa pillow tucked against small of her back. Chewing pinkie nail on left hand, right poised over keyboard. Behind laptop: iPhone, face down, ringer off. Opposite her: sofa. Laptop open on Word document. On laptop screen: “The”, space, blinking cursor. To her left: loose pile of handwritten notes. Outline peeks out from under Ideas. Curtains pulled to left side of sparkling clean windows. In front of her: large rug under sofa. Pair of perfectly folded throws over each arm. Three pillows in row along backrest. Coffee table in front of sofa. Vase holding white roses surrounded by red ones. On lower shelf, assortment of magazines organized by issue number.

Photo 3

There she sits, in center of room, at the work desk. Sofa pillow cushions her bottom. Throw draped across back. iPhone in left hand. Lock screen: fall leaves, 3:30, Tuesday November 6, 2011. Right index finger on Delete button. Fingernails fresh coat of red. Laptop open on Word document. On laptop screen: “The”, space, “day she knew sensed felt, car car car”, blinking cursor. On her lap, a single paper with handwritten notes, titled chapter 1 one One ONE. Crumpled papers, white and red rose petals litter rug beneath her feet. Perfectly folded throw on lower shelf of coffee table by window. Curtains drawn. In far corner, stack of magazines on floor, alphabetically arranged. Vase on top.

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