Day 15: Coming to a Bookshelf Near You

Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

The Homecoming

The unthinkable has happened: Egypt has attacked Ethiopia and Africa has just the thing it needs, another war.

Except this war is on a scale the continent has never seen before. The river Nile, lifeblood of many, has become the theatre of a battle to the death between the two great nations.

This war threatens to detonate, for all time, centuries-old tensions between the Christians and Muslims of the world.

Fisseha, Ethiopia’s longest serving diplomat who shuns attention as meticulously as cholesterol, is on his last flight to Ethiopia, looking forward to a retired life of reading and long walks, when a hostage crisis breaks out aboard the plane.

After forty years in the foreign service spent managing more political crises and international incidents than he cares to remember, Fisseha is about to be thrust into a role that, until now, he has only played behind-the-scenes: hero.

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