Day 18: Connect the Dots

Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

The charmer is having a bad day. Sheba is not her usual self. This is their fifteenth year working together, he and his cobra. For as long as Sheba has been performing with him, she has never been so unpredictable. It is as if she has become deaf overnight to the rhythms of his flute, as if her skin has become dead to the vibrations of his breath.
Little does he know, the problem is him, not her. His mind is elsewhere, she can tell. His rhythms are the same, the vibrations on her skin are as they always are, but he who is behind it all is not as she knows him.
For fifteen years they have been together. Today looks to be the day they will fail, the day they will not attract a crowd. The end of their time together.
Knowing this, Sheba does the only thing that will save them both. Without music, without the dance, they cannot live.
She bites him. She sinks her fangs into the thin, warm flesh of his forearm and snaps back into her basket.
As soon as she does it, he knows. They will kill her. A snake that bites its charmer signs its death sentence.
His heart quickens. He feels his blood grow hot with the sweet poison. He puts the flute to his lips. She raises her head.
Now that his mind is light and exact with the drug, she can whip around and he will be with her, thinking alongside her.
It is their last dance together. A delicious synchronicity, never to be repeated.

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