Day 27: Slash and Burn

Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.

when burn bridges is unintentional. is said never burn bridges. never know when need again. however, aware you were burning bridges as you burned, means you sure never going over ground again. say, never never. rebuilding tricky. How? One, fake it. Pretend never burned. step out, knowing nothing but air underneath. on faith bygones bygones. Faith delicate. allow walk on air, like Jesus on water. But minute feeling proud your faith, it disappears you fall. So forget that way of rebuilding, not denial route. next? approach opposite dweller far bank, acknowledgement and proposal. Yes, charred earth smoky air between us, but also space. space former bridge occupied. could build new. will look different. structural adjustments made. fireproofed recommended. After, hope best. always option not bothering. letting burned stay burned. nature wills create improvised new bridge fallen trees or landslide, let it. worry poor souls in path falling trees sliding land, enjoy new link. such miracle nature fail happen, to let burned bridges stay burned. build new, wiser how work, best way maintain, what do if don’t plan using for while but don’t want come back find all rotted molded so when you step on find yourself plummeting to the depths below. what all trying avoid, in end, depths below where await scary creatures sharp edges. Who was it said each man island unto himself? true. island spends much time building bridges other islands, rare burning some build others. island only so much room, especially when traffic two way. be wise.

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