FOB 4 Life

When the radio said that it’s 4 degrees Celsius (39 F) outside today, my immediate thought was Oh it’s nice out ! 

That’s when I knew. I have adapted, perhaps irrevocably.

But I still have those moments when I realize you can take the girl out of [insert name of home country] but you can’t take the [inhc] out of the girl.  


So, I don’t know about all my fellow habeshas out there, but the FOB still kicks in for me when ferenjoch…

  • put their feet up on/climb over public furniture
  • plop down on the ground any-old-where
  • let their toddlers crawl around on the ground in public places
  • tell you how much something they’re wearing cost immediately after you compliment them on it
  • eat a piece of food that fell off their plate onto a table (or use a table as a plate)
  • rinse used dishes with just water and put them on the drainer
  • pick cutlery out of the sink at random and eat with it
  • invite their ex-spouse to their wedding
  • apologize to their kid
  • refuse to be introduced as the boy/girl friend unless your dad comes out of his car
  • give a real answer their kid’s every question
  • engage in baby-makin’ levels of PDA
  • ask their friends to fork over gas money if they want a ride home
  • tell you to wait in the living room while the family eats dinner since you weren’t expected
  • ask you to let them know if you’re coming over so they know how many pieces of meat to prepare
  • pet the sheep and chickens at the local zoo
  • tell you how much to eat so that everyone can eat
  • make doro wet with all drumsticks and kitfo with tofu
  • stop on the street to have long chats with homeless people, every day
  • split the bill when out with their significant other
  • go on 30 hour fasts, to end hunger

That’s all I can think of. Maybe that’s a good thing, since I’m guilty of at least one of these myself! Not saying which.

Feel free to add, dear closet-FOB-reader.

6 thoughts on “FOB 4 Life

  1. LOOL. Seriously. I don’t think any number of years here could fix my instinctive reaction to these either

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