What Grows

What Grows, a short story of mine, is included in Issue 38.1 of Room magazine. The issue will be launched this Sunday at the IndustREAL Arts Room, where I’ll be doing a reading alongside local contributors Kamila Rina, Mahak Jain and Jane Iordakieva.


6 thoughts on “What Grows

      1. FYI I’ve already shared it with most of my friends because I thought this is one of those stories that should be passed on. You are an inspiration to me, I thought you should know.


  1. Just had the delight of reading What Grows. Wow! I lived in Africa when I was a child
    ( Dakar) and I smelled the ground- although you didn’t waste time with painting it in words. Wow- the imagery stays like you’ve planted trees inside your reader. What a masterful teller of a tale you are Ms Fisseha! Please tell us that story was fiction.


    1. Hi lisarem, thank you very much for your comments. I’m so glad it reminded you of home and childhood. Don’t worry the story is fiction, though I was as much of a garden-adventurer as the next African kid!


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