2007 Vintage: Sip 8

To no one’s surprise, my ten-years-ago self continues to wallow in her post-breakup misery, in this latest instalment of my diary entries from back in the day. I’ve turned to religion, as you’ll see. Even made up my own little prayer. On the plus side, this entry contains an exquisite paragraph from one of my favourite books at the time Memoirs of a Geisha. I can see why it appealed to me so much back then, and still does now. It speaks to that dual existence of the diaspora, of always wondering who I would have turned out to be had I never left, etc. And in the end, the pleasant reminder that all our personal scandals and tragedies all dissolve back into the serene nothingness from which we came. Definitely puts things into perspective!

For the .pdf go here: 8


And for the audio:

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