The taxis in Wenzhou will rarely go out of their way for you if your desired destination is outside their preferred radii of operation. They do, however, reserve their right to pick up additional passengers along the way to where you’re going. Hitting two birds with one stone. Hitting a … Continue Reading Taxi!

I Heart Headphones

As the days go by, feeling more and more that the invisible shield that I carried with me from “back home”, that protected me from feeling the alienating impact of the expressionless stares is starting to wear off. I will soon feel like I did in the early days, keenly … Continue Reading I Heart Headphones


Anyone knows better than to provoke a bride on her wedding day, and anyone knows better than to take an unauthorized picture of her. Unless you are the hired photographer, family or an invited guest, you know better. But if you are an Arab or White guest of the Addis … Continue Reading Photonappers.