My Funny Pizza Pie


Three full moons ago, I asked these questions of some characters in my life:

What do you look for in a guy or in a girl? If you are already in a relationship, what was it about him or her that made your heart say “yes!”?

Some askees needed more encouragement than others but, over time, most of them wrote back their answers.

Then, while I was trying to figure out what to do with my collection of confessions now that I’d nagged it out of them, Valentine’s Day rolled around.

And I said “whew!”

Which is not to say that posting the answers on V-Day wasn’t my intention all along…which is not to say that it was my intention all along.

(So it goes with matters of the cardiac muscle.)

Without further ado, voila their heartfelt (ahem) answers:

– This is a hard one…cute, kind, clever, and hilarious. Then add to that, one of the BEST dads!

– There are so many reasons. That’s the thing – love is not born out of just a few chance occurrences but of millions that have to line up in just the right way. Too complex for inspection. But if I have to inspect, I’d say it must’ve been that he is sincere, humble and true to himself. That he knows what he wants. That, to me, he is perfectly imperfect.

– I was always attracted to the fact that I was subconsciously comfortable to absolutely be myself with him, without being judged. I dont have to pretend. No matter what, he loves me for who I am and what I look like, he never wants me to change … He accepts the way I look in the morning, he accepts my curly hair, my hairy brows and legs before I take care of them, and most of all, my million and one pet peeves…

– he makes me smile with my heart

– When he speaks I am reminded of Solomon’s wisdom. His ability to lead reminds me of Moses,his faith reminds me of Abraham, and his confidence in God’s word reminds me of Daniel. His heartfor God reminds me of David and MOST importantly his attention to details reminds me of Noah. He abandons his own will like the disciples to Jesus and his ability to love selflessly and unconditional reminds me of Jesus Christ…

– First it’s visual (ass,cute) then if the conversation is great that’s when I believe the chemistry kicks in, because that’s the deal maker right there. Looks isn’t everything and it never is. Laughter, fun to be with, her scent, a nice ass and that starts the ball rolling for me.

– It’s the small unexplainable things that are so minute to the brain but big for the heart.

– Someone who can make you laugh till you fall over and who can remember your greataunt’s name even if you’ve only mentioned it twice, not to mention humoring your ideas for crazy adventures.

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