After Addis 2

Continuing from where I left off at the end of ‘After Addis 1‘, on the seven phases of the seven trips of this brown astronaut around the planet known as Ethiopia… Phase 1: immediately following migration, a time of feeling completely at ease with myself, it not even occurring to me to change to adapt to the norms … More After Addis 2

After Addis 1

Well, the satellite dishes were everywhere in full bloom in Addis, and I’ve learned that its impossible to be matter-of-fact not only about going to but also leaving from Ethiopia. The ‘going to’ always means something- if not to you-the-goer, then to the person who hears of it. Back in the spring and early summer, … More After Addis 1

The Pet Chronicles

Reader response to my last post has been that I write more about this topic: 5) Pets and habesha people: write a retrospective of my colorful personal histories with pets. “His name was ‘Yeneneh’. Things would have worked out much better between us if he himself was aware of that…” (Note: no pets were harmed in the … More The Pet Chronicles

Username Unavailable

I find it super neat when I request ‘Rebka Fisseha’, or some combination thereof, for my username when opening a new online account and get the message that the username is unavailable. No way! Waaay! Awesome. Now that’s belonging. I used to be smug about having a ‘secret weapon’ name but I’ve found that I like this … More Username Unavailable

Auntie SOSo

Depending the position of the sun when you ask me, I might be pro or anti-mommmyhood. Morning being generally an optimistic time, ante-meridiam will find me pro. By afternoon, reality has beat the sunshine out of me and it is I who is in need of superhuman patience and pampering. Auntiehood, as you may know, … More Auntie SOSo

Dirty Pretty Things

I hate having to explain technology. I can barely make it make sense to myself, so having to do that for anyone – correction, to anyone over the age of say, fifty, is torture. The best torture device in my opinion is the iPhone. Ooooh the iPhone. (Well, anything Apple for that matter.) Sometimes I … More Dirty Pretty Things