Would it be presumptuous of me to claim that I know a thing or two about being a child of divorce? Not of the parental kind (although I do remember praying for that once, in a moment of adolescent lunacy). I mean the best friend divorce. Some friendships are like marriages in how deep and … More Aftermath

Memory Lane

Today, in commemoration of  Austrian National Day which also happens to be when, twenty years ago, I unsuspectingly stepped aboard this vehicule de transport… and set off an adventure beyond my wildest imaginations – one that continues to this day – I offer up this little attempt at immortality which I penned thirteen years into said … More Memory Lane

How a Dam Works

Abay is not just the name of the river which springs from the heart of Ethiopia, cuts through Sudan and Egypt, and ends in the way of all rivers big and small. It is also the name by which I best knew my grandfather. Officially, he was known by the more intimidating Shaleka – chief … More How a Dam Works

The Twisted Edge

I can be a flirty type as long as it doesn’t involve people. Ideas is where the chemistry happens. There’s one in particular, which started off as a little harmless flirtation, then bloomed into a full blown on-again off-again thing that’s been going on for years. It never works out, of course, for reasons x, … More The Twisted Edge

Eating Alone

Long long ago, as mortals have done since The Fall, so did Mary the mother of Jesus. She died. Sources better informed than I ( = sources informed) tell me that the filseta fast that I currently find myself a little over halfway through has been held every year since then-ish by Orthodox Christians in … More Eating Alone