A Creature of Speed and Air

Mother Ethiopia by Afewerk Tekle

I’m happy to announce that an excerpt from my novel manuscript has found a home in the literary journal Flock. Here is a tidbit…
To read the rest of the excerpt, (which I promise plays fair with the habesha guy), plus some poetry and non-fiction from the issue that will be available to read for free this week, kindly migrate to their website.

Habesha dudes usually open with: Don’t I know you? I said, “Have you met me?”
He allowed five seconds to lapse—the standard for an ignored “crazy” to move on—before lifting his attention from the Acknowledgements page.
“Are you habesha?”
I could have answered yes or no. Whichever answer I chose, it would be half true.
“No,” I said, turning away. “Excuse me.”
“Or does it depend on who’s asking?”
I sat across the aisle, trying to make it seem like I just chose to sit there because there happened to be an empty seat. “That must be why you’re following me.”

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