A Heroine’s (7 min) Journey.

I always said that if I ever have a house with a big yard and buckets of that thing that makes other people do things for you (money), I’d put in a giant pool. But that has changed. I now know that I’d put in a labyrinth instead (or maybe a pool designed as a labyrinth?!!) It happened like this: Over the past year or so I’ve been passing by this park, unaware that just a short walk in, there’s a labyrinth. You wouldn’t know it’s there unless someone told you, and well, someone told me! One day, I decided to try it out, never expecting it to turn out to be an emotional journey much more than a physical one. I’d never travelled through a labyrinth before, but I realize now that this one is unique because the hedges are so young, allowing the traveller to the entire path ahead (as opposed to fully grown ones that would allow you to see only as far as the next turn), and, most enticingly, the landing point. This makes it require that much more an exercise in self-discipline to stick to the path when one could just shortcut to the centre with a hop and a skip. So I did it once…and I got a little hooked because I did it 3 more times at different times. Take the journey with me? (And let me know how it went for you, if you wish!)


Ok. I’m entering the labyrinth. First of all, I’m not sure…Oh. There’s two options. Turn left, and then another left. And it looks like I’m going to enter. But I’m not. I’m just on the edge. So I have to go around. The final point is right there. I’m walking beside it. But I’m not at it yet. So then I start to move away from it. So when I started I was right next to it, then I have to move away from it. And then away from it again. And then I notice I’m getting further and further and further away from it.

And then it looks like I’m getting closer to it again. So I take another left, and I go closer. Take a right, and I’m getting closer again. I’m only one lane removed. But then I have to take another right, and then I get further away from it again. So I take another left. And by now I know I’m going to get really far away from it. And going going going. Going going going. Going. Going. Going. On getting further again. Getting further again.

So initially I got real close, a little bit far, and then much closer again. A little bit closer again. And then far. And now I’m like all the way on the outside edge. The destination, the goal, is so far far and I’m on the outside lap. Outside lap. (soft gasp) And then I’m allowed back in. So going back in. And I think “oooh okay! If I’ve been out on the furthermost edge. Surely I won’t be getting back there again.” So sure enough I’m getting closer to the centre. To the goal.

But the path is a little bit longer than it used to be. Not only is it longer than it used to be but now I’m also getting further out to the edge again! And then again even further out. To the outermost edge. And I can’t believe this. But I have to go. Of course, I’m also thinking how must I look. And I look up. That’s another thing. Remembering to look up! I’m so focused on looking down, at what’s happening. I look up (soft gasp) and look! Awwwh I thought I was going to be straight shot but nope. I have to take another turn. There is no straight shot. Never. I have to take another left. And finally I can see ahead. And I am in the centre! It only took almost seven minutes. (big sigh)
Now. To go back out, you would think I’m taking the same route back but noo. Or maybe I am. I don’t know how these things work.

Am I taking the same route out? Hmm. I think so. Well it depends on how long it ends up taking me. But, why wouldn’t I. I mean, it’s the same maze. Right? Right. I mean I could just walk, out. I could just walk away. I could just skip over everything. (sigh) But it is an exercise in patience. In trusting the path. Even though I can’t quite see why I’m having to make all these turns and doubling back. I have to trust that (sigh) it will pay off the way it’s supposed to in the end. (giggle) Okaay. Yeah, I’m pretty sure…coming to the end…how I look, who can see me, what they’re thinking, whether I’ll be interrupted. These are all distractions. Distracting thoughts that I’m having. But I’m carrying on. I wonder how far this is if it was stretched out. Hmm.

Yeah I guess it’s about staying on the path. Even when you feel silly. Even when it lookslike there’s so many other places. Wide spaces to be at. (big sigh) Good Lord. All right, I think, I think, I think, I don’t know what to think anymore.

It’s hard to look ahead and move at the same time. Aha, that’s another insight. It’s really hard to look ahead and move at the same time. Or at least to look ahead past a certain point and move at the same time. Yeah.


(big sigh). It’s a workout man. Have to cover aaaaalll the areas. On the way in, and on the way out. Okay I feel the end is coming. I think. I think, I think, I think. Dare I hope? Dare I hope? Dare I hope? Ahhh. Ahhh. Ooooh. Yeaaasss!
Aww I’m a little sad that it’s over.

(BIG sigh) I’m DONE!

Seven minutes total.

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