Deconstructing 2016

Because I am completely empty of blog post ideas, and because this month I came across many postings titled ‘Most Read post/story/article of 2016’ on many a blog and magazine website, and because (I think) I am going to try to write more personal posts in 2017… …I’ve a) decided to highlight my most read … More Deconstructing 2016

Organic Vanity

There are days when I step out feeling like the cover of Vogue and the first person I meet takes one look at me and says, “Oh are you tired?” And then there are days when I step out feeling like something pulled out from under the sofa cushions and the first person I meet says, “Hey … More Organic Vanity

Lesser of Two…?

1) She wore a long dark trench-coat and something even longer and darker underneath. Heavy black shoes. Loose knit cap. Her face was one of those that’s hard to place or age – touch of brown but not from sun, a slight wither but not from age. I made a note of all these things only … More Lesser of Two…?