This one’s on me. I’m happy to share my latest article for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. For this assignment, I spent an afternoon being led to and fed in lesser known/much loved restaurants around Addis Ababa (one of which had one of the best ceiling art I’d ever seen, see below), all in … More Went/Saw/Ate/Wrote

The Elevation

Well here I am somewhere in the mountains of Banff. It’s taken a long time to get here. Literally: (eternity on the TTC: 7 mins bus from my front door to Warden station, 1.5 hrs from Warden subway station to Kipling subway station, 30min bus ride to Terminal 1 at Pearson, approx. 10 min wandering around trying … More The Elevation

Shock of the New

There’s this joke about an American who went to Washington D.C to teach English to new immigrants from Ethiopia. He ended up learning Amharic instead. When you can do an entire transaction at Starbucks in Amharic (granted, the store in question is right outside the arrivals gate at Dulles Airport) and even add to the … More Shock of the New