Ridin’ the Northeast Regional: some observations.

1 – 20130821-144045.jpgWhen oh when did it become acceptable to use your country’s flag as a napkin?

Or is it just an American thing?




2 – Real convo between mom & son:

Son: Mom are we going to Toronto or Niagara Falls?
Mom: Ontario
S: What?
M: Ontario
S: So we’re not going to Toronto?
M: Ontario
S: Are we going to Niagara Falls or what mom?
M: Ontario.
S: What?
M: Ontario. Look it up. Learn your geography.
(a few mins later)
S: So we’re going to Niagara Falls in New York.
M: There’s two Niagara Falls, one in New York and one in Canada.
(NO MOM, there’s one in New York and one in ONTARIO)
(same family, earlier convo between same mom and other teenaged son)
Mom: (blablabla)
Son: Mom shut up.
M: (blablabla)
S: Mom! Shut up please.
M: (blablabla)
S: Oh my god mom please just shut up.
M: (blablabla)
S: Be quiet mom, be quiet. Just be quiet.
M: (blablabla)
S: Mom! Just shut up.

(And so on. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing.)

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