Books & Bombs

All I had to do was summarize a nearly 10 year creative and personal journey into ten minutes…I remembered to breathe, feel my feet on the ground and more or less the rest of my body above, and most of all to focus on what was going on at present, not what I would have to do minutes from now. … More Books & Bombs

Book, Meet Home

Set in Toronto and Addis Ababa, against the backdrop of the widespread air travel disruption resulting from a volcanic eruption in Iceland, Daughters of Silence is the story of a bereaved and newly single Ethiopian-Canadian woman and her struggle to come to terms with her fractured family and her own traumatic childhood. … More Book, Meet Home

Inside the Vase

In my September post titled ‘A Peek Under the Bandage‘, I mentioned an interview I did about writing and my novel-in-progress. It is now live and I welcome you to view it above and share your thoughts belowbelow. The interview is part of a series called Pre-Authorized, a unique initiative of Toronto writer and editor Erika Westman. … More Inside the Vase