Book, Meet Home

Well, it’s official! My firstborn is going off to college, into the big bad world, next Fall. (Ahh speak SIMPLY & DIRECTLY Rebecca! Can you do that for once in your life??) Ok, ok. Simply & directly put, my first novel, Daughters of Silence, has found a publisher! Which means that in Fall 2019 it will be an actual book with a cover and able to sit up all by itself on a shelf, thanks to the amazing work of my fabuloso agent Marilyn Biderman at Transatlantic Agency, and the enthusiasm of Goose Lane Editions‘ Fiction Editor Bethany Gibson, and many others both within the literary world and outside it, whose faith in my work never faltered. I did a little interview about my novel-in-progress a while back, here. I really don’t know what more to say! Below is a bit re: what the book is about, why I wrote it, and why the publisher acquired it. I’d appreciate you kindly sharing it with your networks and/or posting your comments, also kindly! More to come!

(rasen be-rase kalankolapelateskugn lela man yankolapitisilignal?!)

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