Inside the Vase

In my September post titled ‘A Peek Under the Bandage‘, I mentioned an interview I did about writing and my novel-in-progress. It is now live and I welcome you to view it above and share your thoughts belowbelow.

The interview is part of a series called Pre-Authorized, a unique initiative of Toronto writer and editor Erika Westman. Her interviews feature emerging writers speaking “about their work, their art, and expertise. Every writer in the series has completed a manuscript that has not yet been published.”

As most “emerging” creatives know, talking about your work in advance of it officially meeting the world, where rejection is the norm, is very scary and a great leap of faith in yourself. I’m very honoured to have been able to make this leap with the support of a fellow writer and interviewer as capable and supportive as Erika. Thank you!

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