After Addis 1

Well, the satellite dishes were everywhere in full bloom in Addis, and I’ve learned that its impossible to be matter-of-fact not only about going to but also leaving from Ethiopia. The ‘going to’ always means something- if not to you-the-goer, then to the person who hears of it. Back in the spring and early summer, … More After Addis 1

Username Unavailable

I find it super neat when I request ‘Rebka Fisseha’, or some combination thereof, for my username when opening a new online account and get the message that the username is unavailable. No way! Waaay! Awesome. Now that’s belonging. I used to be smug about having a ‘secret weapon’ name but I’ve found that I like this … More Username Unavailable

Happy SSDD

So, tomorrow is January 7 and if you know that it’s supposed to be Christmas and you’ve already got the doro wot simmering on the stove, then yaaay good for you, but if you’re so lapsed that tomorrow is going to be just another Same Shit Different Day kinda day for you, then this little thing I … More Happy SSDD

Permanent Hager Fikir

I have two tattoos which never fail to catch people by surprise. I guess I don’t come across as the self-stamping kind. This is partly true, which is why I have trouble giving adequate explanations of my non-Maryam Yesamechign markings. If only I could blame it on the Holy Mother. Nope, all me and my … More Permanent Hager Fikir

FOB 4 Life

When the radio said that it’s 4 degrees Celsius (39 F) outside today, my immediate thought was Oh it’s nice out !  That’s when I knew. I have adapted, perhaps irrevocably. But I still have those moments when I realize you can take the girl out of [insert name of home country] but you can’t take … More FOB 4 Life

Code Error

Somewhere in Addis there is a house as old as me. All I ever had to do with regards to it was just live in there, stay cute, and be on my best behaviour, sorta like this: Until recently, that is. Decades since I last set foot in the yard, I was tasked with getting … More Code Error

Call Me…?

I’ve been doing a little experiment lately. A “social” experiment, I think it’s called. I’ve been introducing myself as “Rebka”. The idea has been in my mind for some time. Back in the Fall of 2010 I actually looked into legally changing it from “Rebecca” to “Rebka”. I would have, too, except that the law … More Call Me…?