Deconstructing 2016

Because I am completely empty of blog post ideas, and because this month I came across many postings titled ‘Most Read post/story/article of 2016’ on many a blog and magazine website, and because (I think) I am going to try to write more personal posts in 2017… …I’ve a) decided to highlight my most read … More Deconstructing 2016

Organic Vanity

There are days when I step out feeling like the cover of Vogue and the first person I meet takes one look at me and says, “Oh are you tired?” And then there are days when I step out feeling like something pulled out from under the sofa cushions and the first person I meet says, “Hey … More Organic Vanity


In August, this blog turned five years old. To commemorate the momentous moment, I thought I’d post about the blog post that has been read the most by you dear visitors in the past five years. Well, it turned out that this post took the gold every single year, but unfortunately I’ve written just about everything … More Cross-eyed